Carl VanderLaan

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Carl is very motivated and energetic. He is quick to learn and eager to do so. Carl is intelligent and understands the art of doing business. Carl has considerable verbal skills and his interpersonal skills are excellent. Carl is honest and ethical.
Michael Hillsey
Carl is a self starter and is very determined. I enjoyed the time that Carl and I had worked together as he was a valuable asset to my team. I would recommend Carl to anyone looking for a self determined and successful individual.
Sean Davis
Carl is a true professional with dynamic marketing and customer service skills and a keen eye for the bottom line.
Herb Reinders
Carl is one of the most outgoing people I’ve ever had a chance to work with. He is a great team player and a leader. I recommend Carl for his dedication and energy towards our business and his brilliant ideas he is passing along to our marketing reps.
Paul Brewer
I highly recommend Carl. He is a hard worker dedicated to help others become successful. He is motivated, full of integrity and willing to go the extra mile.
Vincent Green


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