Are you tired of having empty rooms and unbooked dates on your Airbnb calendar? As an Airbnb host, your goal is to increase your Airbnb bookings and maximize your income from your short-term rental.

In this post we'll talk about 10 proven strategies to increase your airbnb bookings. From setting a competitive price to providing exceptional customer service, these tips will help you stand out from the competition and attract more guests to your property.

Launch your short-term rental


Optimize your airbnb listing

Start by optimizing your Airbnb listing. Make sure your listing includes high-quality photos that accurately represent your space, a detailed description of your property and amenities, and any unique features or benefits.

Competitive pricing

Set a competitive price for your listing. Research similar listings in your area to see what they are charging and adjust your price accordingly. Keep in mind that setting a lower price may help you attract more bookings, but you want to make sure you are still making a profit.

Be responsive

Be responsive to inquiries and messages from potential guests. Respond to inquiries promptly and professionally to show that you are reliable and available. This can be automated using a service like Hospitable.

Offer discounts

Consider offering discounts or promotions to attract more bookings. A few examples could be:

Improve the guest's experience

Improve your guest experience by providing thoughtful amenities and services. This could include things like providing toiletries, fresh towels and linens, and offering local recommendations or suggestions for activities and attractions.

Encourage reviews

Encourage past guests to leave positive reviews and ratings on your listing. Positive reviews can help increase trust and credibility, which can in turn lead to more bookings.

Social media

Use social media and other online marketing channels to promote your listing. Share photos and updates on your property on social media and consider running targeted ads to reach potential guests in your area.

Additional services

Consider offering additional services or experiences to guests. This could include things like providing a home-cooked meal, offering transportation or tour services, or hosting a unique event or activity.

Resolve issues quickly

Be proactive in managing and resolving any issues that may arise. If a guest has a problem or complaint, address it quickly and professionally to maintain a positive reputation and prevent negative reviews.

Review your account often

Continuously monitor and improve your accounts. Airbnb and VRBO sometime add new features, fields to fill out, boxes to check, cancellation policies, and new fee structures. Keeping an eye on your accounts and make changes or adjustments as needed to increase your bookings.

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